How to order from Energy Images

This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to order photos from Energy Images.

If you’d like to open the gallery in a new window so you can follow along with the instructions while you order, click here.

Table of contents:

Find Your Images

Click the ‘View Photos Here’ button to view the image gallery.

To find your images in the gallery, click on the thumbnail pictures to navigate to the correct album.

You may be required to enter a GROUP password for some events (Don’t confuse this with your PRIVATE password for your own account). The GROUP password is detailed in the event flyer and program adverts distributed at your event. If you don’t know the password, please call our office on (08) 9795 7956, as for security reasons we do not release passwords over email.  Alternatively you can contact your club, coach or teacher.

Some events may be split in to sub-albums, so you can find your images more easily.

Most albums will have several pages of images. To navigate to a different page in the album click the green page numbers in the black bar at the bottom of the page.  For a closer look at the images, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger view.

Once you’ve found an image you’d like to order, you can select a product from the ‘Quick View’ List or click on ‘View All Products’ for a complete and detailed list.

In the window, select the product and enter the number of prints you’d like. You can order multiple copies of the same size, or different sized prints of the same photo.

You may choose to preview your selection and continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Adding Images to ‘My Favourites’

You can add any number of images to a ‘Favourites’ selection to assist you with deciding which images you wish to order.  This is particularly useful if the images you wish to view are in different galleries.  Creating a ‘Favourites’ set means you can view all of YOUR images in the one place.

To use this feature, simply click the ‘Add to favourites’ link at the top of the photo.  You can also hover the mouse over the image and then click the heart shape in the top right corner.  The heart will be red if it  appears in your favourites.  You can ‘unclick’ the heart to remove the image from your favourites.

To view your selection, click the ‘FAVOURITES: My Selection’ link in the top left corner of the website.  You can create multiple sets of favourites and rename them as you wish – just use the down arrow next to ‘FAVOURITES: My Selection’ to use this feature.  If you register your details on the website you can return to your favourites at a later date to make your final selection.


Ordering Images From a Favourites Selection

If you have used the Favourites feature to make your selection, you can easily place your order from your favourites page. All you need do is click the down arrow next the ‘Buy’ link at the top centre of the page, then click ‘Select product for these images’. You will then be able to select from the product menu.

order from fave

If you need to drag images to place holders (ie for a poster or print pack) be sure to click the ‘Favourites’ tab which will display all the thumbnails of the images you added to your favourites.

Fave tab

If you find that some of the images you added to your selection DO NOT APPEAR as thumbnails, then it means that those particular images are not available for the product you have selected.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to default settings in the shopping cart, posters and print packs can only be ordered online if all images are from Solo OR Duo OR Troupe performances. If you wish to order one of these products with a combination of images you will need to submit your order for an offline transaction. You can do this by ‘Sharing’ your favourites selection.

‘Sharing’ Your Favourites Selection

Whether you are wanting to submit your order for an offline payment option or simply to request further assistance about your images, you may need to ‘Share’ your selection with the photographer. All you need do is click the ‘Send to’ button on the top left side of the website. share fave

Complete the ‘Send to Photographer’ tab with your details and a message then click share. Don’t forget to include your phone number so that we can call you to assist.

Send to

Ordering Posters and Picture Packages

Some products, like the Montage Poster or Picture Package, require you to select more than one photo.  In this case, you will need to click ‘Continue’ when prompted.

Be sure to click the ‘All’ tab so that you can select images from the whole gallery.  You can then drag the images you want in your poster or package to the empty boxes where indicated.  Once you have selected all the images, click “Add to Cart’

You can then review your selection and continue shopping or proceed to checkout.


Once you have finished selecting your images, clicking the ‘Checkout Now’ button will take you to your shopping cart for you to review your order.

You will then be asked to Register, Login or Checkout as A Guest.  Registering will enable several features including the ability to track your order, and save your shopping cart for completion at a later date.


Next, complete your contact details.  Although the phone number is optional, we do recommend you provide a daytime phone contact number.  In the event we need to contact you to clarify your order, phone is the quickest way.

Now select a postage option.  This is also where you can enter any discount or promotional codes that have been advertised for your particular event.

Review and confirm all details are correct and then click the ‘Pay Now Button.  If you need to change anything, click on the green link ‘change’ in the relevant section.

Paypal Payment

You can pay securely on paypal with your credit card or using your own funds from your savings account.

paypal pending


Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Energy Images and also from Paypal. We will also notify you via email when your photos have shipped.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS A GROUP PASSWORD AND WHERE DO IT GET ONE? Many of our galleries contain images of children. Whenever we photograph at ‘Under 18′ events, we use a ‘GROUP PASSWORD’ to protect the gallery so that only the family and friends of those who participated will be able to view the photos. The group password is advertised in our advert in the event programme and can be collected from our foyer display. Sometimes your teacher, coach or chaperone may distribute the password by newsletter or by email. If you don’t have the group password, please CALL our office on (08) 9795 7956, as due to security reasons we cannot release passwords over email.

I’VE ADDED IMAGES TO MY FAVOURITES BUT THEY WON’t DISPLAY If you have added images to your favourites and registered an account so that you can return to review your selection at a later date, you will have set up your own password to login into your account. This password is specific to your own account as registering allows you to keep track of your orders. If your forget you password you can easily reset it using the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page. Sometimes, you may find that your favourites images will not display even though you have logged in. The images will just display as grey rectangles with stars across the middle. If you click on the rectangle it will ask you to enter a password – this will be the GROUP PASSWORD (see above). Don’t confuse the GROUP PASSWORD (used to protect the image gallery) with your own personal ACCOUNT PASSWORD.

HOW DO I LOG IN TO MY REGISTERED ACCOUNT? The log in link is located right at the bottom of the webpage on the main gallery page. If you click the login link, you will be directed to enter your Username and ACCOUNT password.

I WANT TO ORDER A PRINT PACK/POSTER BUT SOME OF THE IMAGES WON’T ADD TO THE PLACEHOLDERS. Due to a default setting in the shopping cart, the website is only capable of registering a print pack or poster if ALL of the images are from a SOLO performance OR a DUO/TRIO performance OR a TROUPE performance. If you want to order a print pack or poster with a combination of images, you will need to create an offline transaction. You can do this by adding the images you would like to include to a Favourite Set, and then share the selection with ‘Photographer’. Please refer to the ‘Sharing Favourites Selection’ above for further details.

WHY CAN’T I GET DIGITAL IMAGES OF TROUPES AND GROUPS? Due to child protection considerations and out of respect to teachers/coaches/choregorgaphers Intellectual Property Rights, images of Groups and Troupes are not available in digital format.

MY PAYMENT WON’T PROCESS – WHAT CAN I DO? Whether your internet connection cuts out, your computer crashes or it just wont work – a payment that won’t process is very frustrating! NEVER FEAR! Simply click the back button until you return to the shopping cart. Scroll to the top of the cart then click the ‘Email Cart’ link. We’ll receive an email with the product that you would like to order. Be sure to include your phone number so that we can call you to confirm the postal details and to complete payment offline.

I DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT OR A CREDIT CARD, CAN I STILL ORDER? Yes of course! We can create an offline order. Simply add the images you would like to order to a Favourite Set, and then share the selection with ‘Photographer’. Please refer to the ‘Sharing Favourites Selection’ above for further details.

Remember – we are always very happy to assist over the phone.  Call (08) 9795 7956 to speak with Danielle in the office.